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Excavating Services

Building & Excavating


J.A. Kilby provides building and excavation services for commercial, industrial and residential projects. We are experienced in all types of excavation, including failing sub-grade, removal & replacement, reconstruction, new construction and additions.

Earth Moving & Grading

When it comes to earth moving, speed is critical; however, accuracy can never be sacrificed. In order to increase both speed and accuracy, we have made a heavy investment in other technologies that improve efficiency, accuracy and speed. Owners and general contractors alike have come to rely on J. A. Kilby to deliver their sites ready to build on, in a timely fashion.

Under Ground Utility Construction

Under ground utility construction is one of our specialties. Our crew capabilities range from open field pipe installation to complex, urban reconstruction projects. With the ability to directional drill, in addition to televise and jet sewers, J.A. Kilby provides a single solution for underground utility installation and reconstruction. In this demanding field, we are noted for speed and uncompromised quality.

Site Development Packages

By staying ahead of technology and continually educating our employees, we provide our clients with the safest and most cost effective site solution to any project. J.A. Kilby has the ability to provide a complete site development package including earth moving and grading, under ground utility installation and roadway construction.

Concrete & Masonry

Residential and Commercial Contractor Services

Concrete, Commerical Construction

Concrete Paving

J.A. Kilby provides asphalt overlays, removal & replacement, reconstruction, new construction and additions for parking lots, streets, paths, condominium and town home projects.J.A. Kilby specialize in concrete paving of parking lots, floors and driveways.

Foundation Crack Repair
Interior Drain Tile Systems
Exterior Waterproofing
Window Well Accessories
Underground Extensions
Basement Egress Windows
Primary Sump Pumps
Humidity Control
Battery Backup Sump Pumps
Concrete Floors
Wall Bracing
Basement window replacement
Glass block

Asphalt Paving

asphalt paving

J.A. Kilby provides asphalt overlays, removal & replacement, reconstruction, new construction and additions for parking lots, streets, paths, condominium and town home projects.

Asphalt Pre-installation Grading

We provide grading for removal and replacement, reconstruction, new construction and additions. Generally CL-5 base is installed to establish a proper base for the asphalt surface. The depth of the base recommended varies depending on the intended use.

Edge Milling - Overlays & Parking Lots

J.A.Kilby provides edge milling prior to asphalt overlays, complete mill off or reclaiming of asphalt parking lots. Milling and reclaiming are good ways to recycle and reuse the existing asphalt, which can lower project costs and protect the environment.

Asphalt Patching - Paving Repair & Emegency Pothole Patching

Patching becomes necessary when an area of asphalt is deteriorated and no longer useable. Asphalt dig out patching, surface patching and pothole patching are all methods J.A.Kilby utilizes depending on the condition of the overall surface and the severity of deterioration. We also provide emergency pothole patching with a cold patch product during the winter season.

Asphalt Crack Sealing

Crack routing and hot rubber crack sealing protects your pavement by stopping water from entering the crack and eroding and destabilizing the base and sub-grade underneath the asphalt. Unsealed cracks will eventually cause additional cracking and ultimately potholes.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Our products include: Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoating, Liquid Road-MN and AsPen Rejuvenator. Sealcoating protects the asphalt from the effects of water and oxidation. Liquid Road-MN, with its aggregate blended right into the asphaltic liquid, provides a thick surface treatment for improved longevity and durability.

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